Kristi Ivey

The Reign, Save the Central Dimension ©

Written by: Kristi Ivey

The hub is the word used to describe the central dimension, it is the bond that holds all the upper and lower dimensions together. The upper dimensions are supposed to be more enlightened (feeding on our love, the lower the opposite. It is where our very hatred fuels their worlds.) It is a symbiotic relationship very few know of. The Central dimension is the most important dimension in our reality.
Gatekeeper class 246A
Please read the following found on Old Earth in a bunker 10 miles below what was once the state of Washington, country of United States of America.
The Reign (The Travelers)
Journal 1 before the cataclysm:
The Reign
Six warriors of unimaginable power and cunning will arise to save the central universe, onward they go into the future ten thousand, thousand generations and they will arise. May all understand how important the six will be and will become.
Operation: Save the central dimension

The Reign ©

 Operation: The Six

Kristi Ivey

The viewscreen highlighted the devastation. No more colorful galaxies, only a churning cauldron of dark madness. Planets crashing into each other like pebbles getting overturned in flood waters. Nothing seemed right, their heads ached, and bodies felt weak.

“This can’t be what happens,” Kop whispers under his breath.

“It is happening brother; the whole central dimension has lost cohesion. The doors are open to all dimensions now. The negative dimensions will infect every possible dimension until we are all sickened or dead. We jumped to the future out of curiosity, this is what we had to see.” Zto started shaking from head to toe.

Both stood on the precipice of total madness. They picked several species to take back to their dimension. Taking something from their home dimension and shoving them into a dimension they were not meant to be in was genocidal. Kop felt fear, for the first time in his long life. He felt fear down to his two hearts. A strange feeling for a being able to escape time, space, and dimensions.

“Brother we were told not to meddle in this dimension. I know allowing this future to happen is our death. Do you realizing that changing the outcome for the central dimension, is considered treason we will be executed!” Zto looked at his older brother with apprehension.

The dimensional constructs, all involved their own universes. Every dimension, no matter how different from the last or the first, had its own space or universe. The central dimension itself was vast, the largest dimension and the most diverse.  The space alone was astronomical.

“Zto only you and I will know! The Dimensional Enforcers are not monitoring us as we are trusted, stop being distressed. To allow trillions of deaths because of a directive that has no basis is ridiculous and conceited. Should we bloody our teonhon (honor)?  We know what will happen if the central dimension dies, everyone, everything, except the highest dimension dies with it! We are bringing back species to a dimension they are not supposed to be in. Only to be kept in stasis like zoo animal. This infection is spreading.  See all the doors are open for the negative beings to come through they are heading for the upper dimensions now. The madness and vanity of our current leaders makes me sick.” Kop stated, looking at the beings huddling in the back of the cargo bay.

Ten positive dimensions and ten negative dimensions that are deadly to the ten above them. There are rumors and whispers of dimensional off shoots but, they have never seen these. This central dimension has all the doors for the upper and lower dimensions. The guardians of this dimension should be strong.

Zto started computing what scenarios will work to prevent this travesty and will be the subtlest. Zto had a feeling that the four knew about this. They have been giving strange orders recently.

They also had to find the cause of this devastation. They were assigned to the central dimension just a few weeks ago. Zto looked at the clock counting down. It was going to take days not mere seconds. This problem was bigger than just a few twists and turns, it also went against all their training as observers. What happened, when did it happen?

They decided to take the beings from this dimension back home, that would take a little while and they would regroup and make plans. Protecting the central dimension was their only priority.

Their ship was more than a spaceship, it was a time travel device, and interdimensional device. Having visited the future and seeing the massive black hole that was now the whole central dimension had been eye opening.

Kop looked at the results and realized the elaborate plan that would have to be carried through. “Is this the only way?” He asked a question that had been answered several times already.

“Brother it is bordering on doubt at this point. I would not have brought it to your attention had there been another way.” Zto stated with a shake of his head.

“This started just because of an engine that folded space?” Kop could not wrap his mind around an engine causing this devastation.

“Brother you know this galaxy’s central black hole is also a door to the first negative dimension. It was placed there to protect the doorway from the negative dimensions. When the Chrysalis test that engine in the black hole they rip open a doorway. Such younglings have no business testing in the black hole; they do not realize the dangers. They are only concerned with power, and domination.” Zto rubbed his bulbous gray head. His eyes as black as the black hole he was staring into. Humanity the only species that had ever seen and remembered them thought they were cruel. When in fact they were a benevolent, kindly species. They were watchers never interfering, but chronicling the lives of the central dimension.

“These six are the only solution? Isn’t that resting everything on six feeble beings?” Zto started pacing.

“Please brother do not be concerned we can do this. We must start from before the incident happened. The Eloetta are still younglings, and we can guide them. Leaving the letter is the catalyst for the Eloetta, and the Chrysalis.”

More than anything was the loss of life and total madness that had slipped into the central dimension, so they came back to the very moment of enlightenment by the species that would be the oldest, and longest-lived race this galaxy. The Eloettas as they were called in this time, a lot later they would become the ancients. With the brothers’ help, they will guide the six to fight many beings that are dangerous to the central universe.

Turning from the vid that would be played when the Chrysalis first rebel. They went forward jumping in and out of time leaving hints, and pointers to the six.

There were points in the timeline that could not be changed. They were anchor points, but they could sometimes be worked around. The one insignificant planet in this galaxy with beings that would spawn the six, was just mind blowing.

Zto watched history unfold and smiled they might be able to save the central universe. He sent probes to the future, the six were young and weak compared to their S’Casson counterparts, and the Gorgan. They were impetuous, angry, hurt, and scared. Despite all the obstacles thrown at them, they were heroes to be proud of. He watched the Leader direct a relief effort for the ones left after the virus. So many things this race had gone through, and they are still fighting for their right to live. He shook his bulbous head, the Reign were called greys, by the beings on this planet. The beings below had no clue as to their importance in this universe, and the central dimension, not to mention the Reign’s future.

“Brother what are you watching?” Kop asked coming into their shared chamber. The beings on the planet would call them identical twins. Their black eyes gave nothing away. Just a yawning darkness. Those eyes did not reflect their true hearts.

“Watching the six, the leader is a little worrisome. No reverence just bulldozes into situations. Watch that, see there, trying to save those women. There is nothing to do those women are dying.” Zto said pointing to the being working over the woman.

“Leader never shows fear. Though being terrified is always waiting in the wings. Have you looked at the trail we left; do you think the Dimensional Enforcers have noticed anything?” Kop asked, his voice wavering just a bit.

“No, they aren’t watching us. I have an odd feeling someone is helping us in the background.”

“It is rest time brother, only time will help us now. We must be ready for the war that is coming.”

Both laid in their nesting beds. Their people seemed dead when in rest. Their functions slowed to nominal levels. After all they had done, the brother’s work was just beginning.