Kristi Ivey


This is my novels page, all works including children’s series (Peyton the Queen and Jay), romance/thriller, and sci-fi will be included on this page. Excerpts and links below for your convenience.


Fierce Tempo is a rallying cry for all women. Time is a Fierce taskmaster, an unruly Tempo of chaotic changes for humanity. Women live and breathe by the clock.


15 Jul 2023

Peyton the Queen and Jay Peyton the Queen and Jay (The Queen Series) eBook : Ivey, Elaine, Miller, Allan, Pebley, Steve: Kindle Store

Peyton is the Queen of the home until a ragtag little dog named Jay comes along. She learns that being mean to someone hurts you also. This book has questions to draw children out. It also gives them the chance to write in their own words how they feel about bullying, and being kind to others.

Kristi Ivey