Kristi Ivey

What is Poetry: To Me

What Poetry Means to Me: Poetry is a voice for the voiceless Living words wrapping around us as a shield in the war of life Touching the secret heart in us no one can see Explaining who we are at our core A hand caressing a face  A hug for the unhuggable  A peg for […]

To Chris

To Chris Little boy playing ball not worrying about a fall. You play run and jump for joy, today’s a day you get a new toy. Young man how you have grown, learning, reading and trying keep the seeds sown. Light becomes dark trying to forget. Using, drinking with worrying sighs. Don’t you want to […]


Hands brown as leather. Freckled, worn, gnarled, bruised. Old woman rocking softly, the years showing in all the lines of her face. Such a proud life she has lived, not easy, but truly lived. Hands that have helped others, held babies, then grandbabies, lastly great grandbabies. She listens to birdsong; wind sounds through the trees. […]

Fierce Echo

Here I am, SEE ME. The flesh and blood Me.LostHomelessAlone. Standing in the shadowsFierce training echoing.A sorry cable show,camouflaging the scars.Dancing on death’s precipice. Choice between sorry life or afterlife.Smells, sounds, rustle of trees,I am back there.Brothers I lost encircle meEven jeer me. My hands clench, blood dripsHEAR ME, HELP ME, LORDThe flashbacks are nightmarish […]