Kristi Ivey

About Me

     Hi I am Kristi Ivey, those that know me call me Kiki my niece gave me that nickname because she couldn’t say Kristi and it stuck. It’s hard for me to tell you “about” myself but, here goes. I’m not including my age a woman just doesn’t do that. I am a small town girl. I have lived in East Tennessee all my life. In a little county called Campbell. My family is very important to me. I have traveled but there is nothing like coming home. I started writing at ten in fact one of the poems I wrote “Eyes of Gold” is included of course I had to give it a little upgrade as ten year old me has matured to a point.

     My Grandmothers are a huge reason I write and put myself out there. My grandmother Lowe brought me my first books, A Wrinkle in Time (lead to my absolute love of Science Fiction) and Judy Blume. She loved Agatha Christy and was fascinated by mysteries and thrillers. She would get so mad at herself if she hadn’t figured it out by the end of the book. My grandmother Rogers was a tough woman, but loved all her grandkids. She taught me to be resilient, strong, and if cornered come out swinging. Taking up for yourself, belief, and of course family, and friends makes you the person you are. If you can’t stand up for them then what can you stand for? Poetry was my first love, it helped me through trying times, it carried me when honestly I couldn’t love or carry myself. Fierce Tempo is precious to me because I was written during the hardest, most stressful, chaotic time of my life. I hope that you can understand my meaning and find a poem just for you. In my spare time I am usually going for walks, hanging out with friends and family, playing with Hemi the infamous Cockapoo, or just watching television, maybe making a few TikToks. I am a normal country girl with an average intelligence who loves and respects the written word. I hope you enjoyed reading Fierce Tempo. I also have an illustrated children’s book entitled: Peyton the Queen and Jay about bullying. Be safe and be happy.