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Kristi Ivey

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Fierce Tempo is a rallying cry for all women. Time is a Fierce taskmaster, an unruly Tempo of chaotic changes for humanity. Women live and breathe by the clock.

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I am currently working on rewrites of my science fiction, as the first of the manuscript wasn’t as cohesive as I would like. Once that is done off to the editors. I am always working on my poetry, if I am in the car and get an idea I pull over, in the middle of the night and I get an idea I have my pen and paper beside my bed. I do have a habit of zoning out if an idea or thought flitters through my mind about a poem. I wrote my first poem on the side of my grandmother’s driveway. The rest of the family just shrugged and went on. They are used to me grabbing a pen and paper. There are a lot of things in the works and I am pleased to share them with my audience.

A Journey Through the Life and Words of Kristi Ivey

Hi I am Kristi Ivey, those that know me call me Kiki my niece gave me that nickname because she couldn’t say Kristi and it stuck. It’s hard for me to tell you “about” myself but, here goes. I’m not including my age a woman just doesn’t do that. I am a small town girl. I have lived in East Tennessee all my life. In a little county called Campbell. My family is very important to me and very large. I have traveled but there is nothing like coming home. I started writing at ten in fact one of the poems I wrote “Eyes of Gold” is included of course I had to give it a little upgrade as ten year old me has matured to a point. Read more…

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Chrysalis Awakening

Currently, I am working on a science fiction story about a fight against an alien race that wants humanity for our DNA. We are unusual because we don’t just lie down and allow them to experiment on ‘some’ of our people. We fight for each and every one of us. A group of women leads this resistance, each with a genius IQ and enough gumption to take on the Abominations. The Abominations are greedy and want to use us to build better soldiers to fight in their genocidal wars with other species. Humanity is the first species they have come across that doesn’t have ‘give up’ in their vocabulary.